Cats are patient watchers, which is part of what makes them such great hunters.  Your cat can happily spend many hours gazing out the window, looking at people and traffic pass by, or just soaking up some sunshine.  Cats can stare at a fly or spider for hours, patiently waiting for that split second opportunity to spring into action to catch their prey.

Keeping Busy When the Humans are Gone

While you are away, and there are no entertaining flies or spiders to catch their fancy, cats can become bored and frustrated.  I have found that having bird feeders and critter feeders within sight of a few windows help to occupy them during their solo time.  Sometimes when I have caught my cats birdwatching or critter watching, they get so excited about it, they run around the room.  For those of you who don’t mind running the television while you are out, there are cat videos on Amazon Video that include live birds, critters, and cats moving around and making noises.  These really get the attention of a few of my cats and they get very engaged with the videos, meowing, chattering, and batting at the screen. Sometimes they get so excited that they run around the room or play with one of their toys, which is great exercise.

Best wishes for a purrfect day!


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