Playful, Playful Cats


Cats are very playful by nature and need some exercise every day,
just like their humans.  Some cats are confined to the house. Since
these cats don’t get outside to roam around to get their exercise, we need to help them to get enough exercise indoors.  They are many different kinds of toys to amuse both your cat, and you, that will ensure that they get enough exercise.  Teasers are a big favorite of
cats and their humans for interactive play.  They attract the cat’s attention and bring his hunting instincts into play as he stalks his prey, runs, and jumps to catch it.  Many cats love to chase the images projected by laser toys and you can give your cat a good run by having her run and jump around after the red dot.  Take care that you stop exercising your cat for a rest and a drink if she starts to pant!

Cats love to roll balls around and chase them, to play with balls in a round track, and to play with stuffed toys and scratchers, especially when enhanced with a little catnip.  Scratchers of various varieties are very popular with cats and their owners.  Cats love to scratch and we love to have them scratch where they don’t cause damage.  There are numerous types of scratchers from scratchers that hang on doorknobs to wavy scratchers and scratchers that your cat can also sleep on.  A light sprinkling (or spray) of catnip is  especially useful when introducing a new toy, both to get your cat’s attention and to get him interested.

Cats also love to climb.  Many cats enjoy having a cat tree with multiple levels.  Other features can include scratching posts and attached toys.  More complex trees include enhancements such as hammocks and boxes to hide in.  And speaking of boxes, many cats just can’t get enough.  Cats love to hide…under beds and sofas, in laundry baskets, in bookshelves.  Being enclosed makes them feel secure.  Another favorite toy is the nylon cat trail, or the cat tunnel, which sometimes has motion triggered lights or toys suspended from the top of the tunnel. Hiding and playing all wrapped up into one!

Best wishes for a great day for you and your cat!


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