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Cat Pecking Order

If you have more than one cat, you have probably noticed that there is a certain pecking order, in where they sleep, when they eat, and how they line up for attention.  I have three two-year-old spayed females from the same litter.  At some point, they formed a pecking order.  There is a head of the bed kitty, a mid-level sleep against the legs kitty, and a keep the feet warm kitty.  They never deviate from their positions.

Top Cat is the Attention Seeker

Head of the bed kitty is very attention seeking.  She will tap-tap-tap on me for attention whenever I settle down to sleep and will not be satisfied unless I pet her for an extended period.  After this, I sometimes just put my hand on her or under her head to keep her settled.  If my super attention seeker and one of the others are both getting attention, she will try to insert herself between me and the other cat or bat them away so she can have ALL of the attention. She will also do this at other times when I am giving attention to one of the others.  I have redirected her many times, but this is her temperament.  I do my best to give a lot of attention to the other two as well at every opportunity to make up for it.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Cats?

My thoughts on this are that three cats may be too many, but it is too late since I love them too much to part with any of them.  I will just have to work harder to be sure that everyone gets the attention that she deserves.


Wishing you and your cat a purrfect day!


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